Suburban Orthopaedics

Surgery Patients

If surgery is determined to be the optimal treatment for your problem your surgery particulars are referred to our scheduler. At the conclusion of your visit you will be given a card with our schedulers name and phone number. She will contact you within 3 business days with the date, time and place of your surgery and date and time of your pre-surgical appointment with our office.

Outpatient Surgery

If you and your physician decide that surgery is necessary you may be well suited to have it performed in an outpatient setting. Both Fort Washington Hospital and Southern Maryland Hospital accommodate patients with outpatient surgical needs.

We also participate in a newly opened, state of the art, free-standing outpatient surgery center, Surgcenter of Southern Maryland.

Inpatient Surgery

We admit patients and perform surgery at Fort Washington Hospital and Southern Maryland Hospital. Both hospitals are well equipped and staffed with experienced staff capable of taking care of you during your hospitalization. Many patients, especially total joint replacement patients require placement in a rehabilitation facility after surgery, while patients who go home have in-home needs during there recovery period. Most insurances allow for some form of post surgery rehabilitation. Our staff along with the hospital discharge planning staff will make all the necessary arrangements for you. Any special equipment that you may need at home will be delivered to your home.



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